Empower yourself with energy
•        Researched Ancient Jain And Hindu Scriptures And Experimented On Himself

Under Strict Medical Scrutiny To Develop A Simple And Scientific Technique
•        Of Harnessing Energy From The Sun And The Earth,

Lived Without Food,  Water Alone, For A Prolonged Period Of 411 Days,
•        Since Last Several Years Dedicated His Life

•        Teaching How Our Body Can Gain Energy From Sources Other Than Food.

Thousands of His Followers Have Observed Negative Emotions leave,

Chronic Illnesses Disappear And All Obsession with Food

Become A Thing Of The Past.

Mr. Manek’s Method - This method is to be practiced standing

-        BAREFOOT on BARE EARTH .No wearing shoes, slippers etc and no standing on tar

Concrete, granite, stone Not even on grass in a meadow or lawn

(The grass absorbs the solar energy).You have to stand either on sand or on gravel/mud/ earth
etc. Your bare feet have to be in contact with the bare earth. -  Practice this in the open, in the
first one hour after sunrise - or the last one hour just before sunset

If sunrise is at 7am and sunset at 6pm, This can be practiced anytime between

7 am - 8 am or between 5pm to 6 pm During this time, the sun rays are not too strong

The UV radiation is supposed to be lower No harm will come to the eyes

-        Start by simply gazing (or rather, looking) - at the sun for 10 seconds only

-        Do not stare or focus on the sun. Simply just look at it - No stress or strain on the face,
facial muscles or eyes - Stand relaxed. No need to maintain an unblinking, unwinking stare

-        Blink as and when it naturally happens  During the practice, the attitude of “surrender” to
the natural divine - Cosmic sun energy must be there, as also an “auto-suggestion”

-        Implicit belief that this is going to help/heal/nourish you - Increase the time you gaze at the
sun by a few seconds each day - By 5 seconds or so per day.

-        In about three month’s time, you will be doing it for about 10 minutes - At this time, all your
mental tensions, problems etc will go away - This is a major thing. If this is your objective,

-        You can stop the practice at this time and go to the -  “Post sun gazing practice”

-        If you wish to go ahead, continue for another three months - Increasing again by a few
seconds each day - When you are six months into the practice

-        You will be somewhere around 20 minutes or so -  At this time, all your physical ailments
will also be gone - If this is your objective, you can stop the practice at this time

-        And go to the “Post sun gazing practice” - IF you wish to go ahead, continue for another
three months - Increasing again by a few seconds each day

-        When you are nine months into the practice - You will be somewhere around 44 minutes
or so - You will find that in this period - Your hunger slowly goes down until it finally disappears

-        And you have no need for food any more  - At this time, sun gazing has to be stopped

-        And there is no need to continue the practice any more - According to Mr. Manek, during
the first three months - The pineal gland is getting activated, and the hypothalamus

-        Pathway to the brain from the eye is getting charged -  After that period the solar energy
starts reaching your brain and charging it. -  After this period, the solar energy starts getting
stored - In each and every cell in your body -  When all the cells in the body are charged there
is no need - To sun gaze any more - Only the post-sun-gazing practice needs to be done to
recharge the body Mr. Manek says that we need a lot of energy for digestion

Food and for our brain/mind, to deal with all the mental problems Depression, negative
emotions etc He says that since the sun gazing has removed all his mental problems

He is calm and cool so no energy is used /lost here Since he is not eating any more

No energy for digestion is required either So his energy needs are greatly reduced

He can easily meet them without needing food Post Sun Gazing Practice

Simply walk barefoot on bare earth for 45 minutes a day Conclusion

There is no need to carry on doing sun gazing for Nine months until you reach 44 minutes

You can stop the practice whenever – at three months, six months etc.
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