BREATHARIANISM, INEDIA, NON-EATING (breatharian, inediate, non-eater)

This is a state of man (breatharian, inediate, non-eater) characterized (among other things) by the
absence of eating, resulting from (or rather being a stage on the way to) expanding of the Consciousness
sphere in which a person lives. In general an ideal (fully realized) inediate, breatharian, non-eater has no
need to eat or drink to keep the body working perfectly. A breatharian consumes no food and no drink,
he/she needs only air to nourish the body.

Many non-eaters (even if he/she call him/herself a breatharian) drink (some) water, tea, coffee or other
beverages from time to time. Some of them, in order to satisfy the sense of taste, eat a piece of chocolate,
a cookie, some cheese, horseradish or something else once in a while. The non-eating state of an
inediate, breatharian, non-eater doesn't require any ascetic practices of the body. This is more about the
freedom of choice and a lot of benefits.

A person who regularly drinks liquid food, e.g. fruit juices, can't be called an inediate, breatharian or
non-eater. This is a diet called liquidarianism. Also, we don't call a person an inediate or breatharian when
he/she is fasting or on a starvation diet. Also in these cases food is not (or almost not) consumed during
some time, but such situation lasts only temporary and then food consumption is resumed or the person
dies. An inediate or breatharian, never starves or dies for lack of food because his/her body needs not
matter called food.

Permanent non-eating, inedia or breatharianism are states which usually appear as a side effect of
expanding one's sphere of the Consciousness. However there are also many cases that this state
happened unexpectedly and lasted for months or years.

A person who by force tries to refrain from eating can't be called an inediate or breatharian. Such action, if
prolonged, is harmful to the body and can lead to death. Fasting and starvation diet are different subjects
the inedia, breatharianism and non-eating.

Becoming an inediate or breatharian results (often as a side effect) on a way of expanding the sphere of
the Consciousness which the person lives in. Inedia, breatharianism is more like a characteristic features
of a life style and is not limited to just stopping all food intake. Because an inediate or breatharian sets
him/herself free from the need to feed the body, he/she has the choice to eat or not to eat, but one thing
is for sure, a real inediate or breatharian does not need to eat to keep the body working normally. more ...


Explanations for the open-minded.
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." No matter
whether we believe in something or not, the phenomenon takes place irrespective of our knowledge or
belief. Besides, no matter how we try to explain it, is the explanation arrived at really so important? The
most important thing is that from the beginning of our civilization, there always were people who never ate.
Such people existed, exist and will exist, which means that we too have this capability. We only need to find
a way to adapt the body to a different kind of energy processing.

Explanation for an esoteric person.
Ubiquitous energy, whether called prana, qi, ki, orgon, liquid light or by other names, maintains the
organism of someone who doesn't eat. A human body can be powered by prana if the subconscious
(which manages the body metabolism and shapes the physical body) acquires the skill of automatic
transformation of ubiquitous prana to satisfy the needs of a human body.

Explanation for those scientifically-minded.
Of all the other organisms, the human body is the most complicated, integrated and self-regulated
energetic system. It is complicated and in many aspects unexplored computer-mechanic-chemical
formation, controlled by the brain with the whole layout of magnetic, electric and gravity radiation. This
complicated machine can be adapted to all possible living conditions on Earth, if given enough time and
developed in right way.
We haven't fully explored the human organism energy system. One of the ways of powering human body
is energy and substances created by the chemical and physical factory of the body (excretory and
respiratory system). Apart from this powering system, there is another, a reserve one (or maybe major one
but moved away to the reserve role), which is able to transform the available energy directly. This
powering system transforms the energy directly into matter, so in this way all that the organism needs. The
pineal gland is claimed to have a crucial role in this process. This hypothesis is confirmed by research
undergone on some  people, where CAT scanning shows a significant enlargement of this gland. The
pineal gland manages (like a central processing unit) the mechanism of direct energy exchange between
the organism cell and the surroundings (it actually occurs at a sub-atom level).
One explanation, purely scientific, which comes from a nuclear physic says as follows: the organism
consists of tissues, which are built of chemical molecules, and next these molecules are built of atoms.
Atoms consist of electrons and protons, which are built of smaller elements. As the result of this way of
looking for an origin element, we reach the point, where the matter does not exist. There, we have only
something, which we can call vibrational whirls of energy. As long as history exists it has been known
under different definitions, for example prana, orgon, light. Hence such definitions originated such as
"living on light" or "prana nourishment". All the matter which exists in the Universe, including the human
body, is comprised of whirls of vibrational energy. The human body is the best well-known sophisticated,
programmable and simultaneously self-controlled electronic-physical-chemical machine with a central
management system, called the brain. There are centers in the brain, which manage body energy and
chemistry (mainly pineal gland and pituitary). In this way, the organism lives and builds itself using these
whirls of energy.

Explanation for a deeply religious person.
God is everything. There is nothing which exists without God, there is nothing which has not been created
by God. The inconceivable and almighty God is the only One and the highest perfection. Since the
Almighty God has created everything and He/She/It is the highest inconceivable perfection, He/She/It can
bestow the ability to live without eating on people of His/Her/Its choice.
Since God is inconceivable and almighty, it is no use asking how God is able to do this. Important is the
fact that God can and does select people to receive this grace. We can ask God for the grace of not
eating, because God listens to sincere requests of the devoted children.


At the beginning of 2001 I noticed kind of fad developing in Poland, which was about "prana nourishment"
or "transition to living on light". Similar social phenomena, as I see it, is happening in other places.
Everything would be fine, if not the "following-the-herd" mentality, which led some people to cause more
harm than benefit to themselves and to the whole matter in general.

As I see it in general, all these problems are due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the subject.
Contrary to claims and information spread by the mass media and some people, inedia, breatharianism,
life without eating is only a step on the way of expanding the Consciousness sphere that one lives in. If the
only goal is resignation from food, one may suffer problems caused by struggling to adapt the body for
inedia, breatharianism, non-eating.

The purpose of this web site is to give more of practical information for people interested in inedia,
breatharianism, living on Light, fasting, self-healing, dieting etc. Please, be prudent and rather don't jump
into the unknown which because it may harm your body.


Please do NOT misunderstand information included herein as a guidebook on how to adapt the human
body to living without food. Do NOT just blindly believe this. Consider this information more in theoretical
way. Adaptation of the body for life style without eating is much more comprehensive process which
requires either the Consciousness sphere to be expanded enough or/and consultation (even direct
guidance) with a person experienced in this matter. The process of becoming of an inediate, breatharian,
non-eater is different for every person, and it is impossible to give a method proper for every person.
Every and each person requires a method tailored to his/her individual needs. There are as many ways as
there are people who have experienced this process.
The book "Life Style Without Food" by Joachim M Werdin, can be downloaded for free