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New Body 7-Day Cleansing Program
If there is a heart condition DO NOT DRINK ALL 16oz or 8 oz. Olive Oil.

1st Day – On an Empty Stomach

1. Take 5 CKLS capsules with room temperature water
2. Wait 30 minutes
3. Drink Cold Pressed Olive Oil (16 oz. if over 130lbs. or 8 oz.( If you are under 130 lbs.)
4. Drink 4 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice (to keep the oil down)
5. About 4-8 hrs. later you will start going to the bathroom
6. Do not eat or drink anything until after you have had enough bowel movements and you feel hungry.
7. You may see green pea looking items in your stool- these are gallstones that the oil and lemon juice have

2nd Day- 7th Day

1. Eat at least 80% Raw Fruits in the A.M.
2. Eat at least 80% Raw Vegetables in the P.M.
3. Drink 8-10 glasses of spring water at Room Temperature
4. Drink Pure Juices (If you have a juicer it is best to juice your own fruits/ vegetables
5. Take 2 CKLS at Bedtime every night
For 7 Days
Do not Eat or Drink any of the following foods:
NO DAIRY PRODUCTS (cow’s milk, butter, cheese )
NO SUGAR (try pure cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia or agave)
NO SALT (try Braggs liquid aminos)
NO MEAT (no chicken, pork, baked or broiled nothing that bleeds)
NO SEAFOOD (no fish, shrimp, shellfish, nothing that lives)
Option (If you are not taking the olive oil with the CKLS take 10 CKLS the first day and then take 2 CKLS and 2 oz.
of Olive Oil @ Bedtime .

Getting Started

24 Hr. Body Clock
4 am- 12 noon ………………………………Fast  (Juices)
12 noon – 6 pm ……………………………  Eat   (Fruits & Veggies )
6 pm- 4 am …………………………………. Fast  (Water )
Raw Foods are fresh vegetables that are prepared without heat. These foods contain live enzymes that will nourish
the body and rebuild cell tissues.
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CKLS IS GOOD to help start a Fast....
Take 1 CKLS a Day before starting a  Fast
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